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About ThyroSeq®


How can ThyroSeq help?

The ThyroSeq test gives you and your doctor more information about your thyroid nodule so you can make a more informed decision for your care.

Your doctor will use ThyroSeq results in conjunction with cytology and your personal health to determine your treatment plan.

In many situations, negative ThyroSeq results would allow you to safely avoid surgical removal of your thyroid. If the test is positive, ThyroSeq provides additional information to help your doctor select the most appropriate surgery, which in some cases can preserve part of your thyroid and protect your natural thyroid function.


How does ThyroSeq work?

ThyroSeq is a test that looks for unique genetic alterations in your thyroid nodule to help your doctor determine if your nodule is benign (non-cancerous) or malignant (cancerous). ThyroSeq uses an innovative technology called Next Generation Sequencing to analyze genes important for cancer development. ThyroSeq uses cells already collected during your FNA procedure and sequences the hundreds of gene regions in one tube. Pathologists interpret genetic alterations found to determine the risk of cancer in your thyroid nodule. ThyroSeq results, when combined with your cytology diagnosis and thyroid nodule imaging, help your doctor personalize the management of your thyroid nodule.

ThyroSeq was designed by expert physicians in the field of thyroid cancer and combines years of scientific and clinical experience to help you and your doctor personalize your care.