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ThyroSeq® GC - the most comprehensive NGS test for thyroid nodules available

ThyroSeq® Genomic Classifier (GC) test utilizes next-generation sequencing to analyze DNA and RNA of 112 thyroid-related genes for four main classes of molecular alterations, including mutations, gene fusions, copy number alterations, and gene expression alterations

The results are processed by a unique Genomic Classifier (GC) and reported as Positive or Negative1

112 Thyroid-Related Genes

> 12,000 Variants

Including all expressed (BRAF, RAS) and not expressed (TERT) variants important for thyroid cancer

> 150 Fusions

Including known and novel types of RET, NTRK, ALK, and other fusions

Copy Numbers Alterations

Critical for diagnosis of Hürthle cell nodules and follicular carcinomas

Gene Expression Alterations

To diagnose medullary carcinoma, non-thyroidal nodules, and additional classes of thyroid cancer

In one test, ThyroSeq® Classifier:


  • Confidently rules out cancer and prevents unneeded surgeries in 61-67% of patients with indeterminate cytology nodules 2-8







ThyroSeq® Test Workflow

Diagnostic Utility Chart R1


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